Private School

Mrs. Jackie's Child Development Program is a private academic skills program with the mission to develop student's minds to master above state objectives and skills.  The school-age program has a small facilitator to student ratio. Private school, Home school, Tutorial and Test Assessment are for PreK to 12th Grade.  American Sign Language, Spanish and Piano are a part of the full time instruction. Mrs. Jackie's Child Development Program is a private facility in Fort Bend County.   

The hours of operation are Monday-Friday, 7:50am to 6:30pm.  Private academic school, homeschool, tutorial and test assessments with flexible hours. 

Our Promise to You: We will introduce, model, teach and reteach your child to master the objectives for their age development and learning style.  This will prepare each child for academic success.

The facilitators and faculty have received training to challenge and inspire the students to achieve their ultimate potential.  There is a friendly and nurturing environment which encourages learning and the pursuit of excellence.

Visit our location for full-time, part-time or tutorial instruction.  We have flexible pricing which is affordable for all income levels.  Enroll your child today.

Mrs. Jackie's Child Development Program is pleased to adopt the homeschool concept of learning.  It helps our program to provide a rich history for assessment for 47 weeks.

We will showcase our successes and inspirations. Click on the bullets above. We are also on facebook.